Is it STILL possible for someone with limited computer skills to make money online?

Why do most people have a hard time making their first dollar or euro online? The Internet Marketing (IM) niche makes a lot of people rich. Money is exchanged all around us through affiliate sales, auctions, information products, niche items and a host of other things. Yet most will not earn a dime from their online experiences. Even if they make a buck or two, they don’t really know how to repeat what they did into earning a living. Or that first dollar required so much work to earn, that it’s not worth the effort.

I have been in both conditions. Made some money, but didn’t know how to continue making it. And I have put in a lot of effort into a technique, with little return.

This blogs intention is to put principles in place and earn a living from my endeavors.
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I will examine many methods, tricks, and techniques and show all who visit how I am earning a living ONLINE!